DHATUS – basic tissues

DHATUS – basic tissues





DHATUS – basic tissues
Our body is supported and sustained by seven Dhatu and dideasses (basic tissues). Beside this, Dhatus have property to vitiated. Dosha and Dhatus have relation with each other in health and disease. In pathogenes of disease these both play key role.

Following are the seven Dhatus
i. Rasa (Plasma)
ii. Rakta (Blood)
iii. Mamsa (Muscle)
iv. Meda (Adiposa)
v. Asthi (Bone)
vi. Majja (Marrow)
vii. Shukra (Reproductive tissues)

Dhatus are formed continously in our body in the succesive manner

Rasa –) Rakta -) Mamsa -) Meda -) Asthi -) Majja -) Shukra
The quintessence of all Dhatus is „Oja” (vital essence)

Know about the status of Dhatus
1. Rasa Dhatu – Status of Rasa dhatu can be assessed by the condition of the skin. Good condition of Rasa dhatu is demonstrated by smooth, soft and delicate skin.
2. Rakta Dhatu – Appearance of mouth, tongue, lips, palms, soles, nails is reddish and full of fusture. This indicate the wellness of Rakta dhatu.
3. Mamsa Dhatu – Aperson who is heaving well developed muscles, his Mamsa dhatu is well in order.
4. Meda Dhatu – Unctuousness in complexion is the features of normal Meda dhatu.
5. Asthi Dhatu – When Asthi dhatu is in order it makes the body strong and firm.
6. Majja Dhatu – Joints are well in shape in persons having normal status of Majja dhatu.
7. Shukra Dhatu – Normaly of Shukra dhatu is indicated by round, firm and even teeth, good complexion, voice and cheerfulness.