Origin of Ayurveda



Ayurveda is one of the most ancient systems of medicine in the world.

Vedas, the oldest scriptures on the human wisdom and civilization, are the basic source of Ayurveda. ay3In pre-Buddhist era, it was considered as highly developed medical science. Historical evidences show that Ayurveda was not limited in India. It had spread in many other countries, which later on modified it as per their needs and environmental conditions. Thus, modified Ayurveda become the system of medicine of those countries. Considering, its ancient status some scholars consider that Ayurveda is eternal. It is as old as we are.

ay2Ayurveda is the mother of many other medical systems of the world.
Ayurveda is the resul of the experience over generations. Concepts are added and modified according to requirements. It has its own philosophy and fundamentals. Its approach is holistic and totalistic.
The knowledge of Ayurveda had been imparted through hundred of ancient text. Among them, few important texts are mentioned hereunder.
1.Charaka Samhita – It is the earlier medical treatise and mainly deals with fundamentals and medical past of Ayurveda.
2.Sushruta Samhita – It is the source book of surgical treatments, through concepts of other specialty also exist.
3.Ashtanga Samgraha & Ashtanga Hridaya – Both of these text are compilation of Charaka Samhita.
4.Kashyapa Samhita – The pattern of the text of this book is similar to Charaka Samhita. It mainly deals with midwifery, gynecology and diseases of children.
5.Bhava Prakash– This book contains description of varios drugs, specialties of Ayurveda and five detoxification procedures of treatment (Panchakarma).
6.Madhava Nidan – It deals with the diagnosis of diseases.
7.Sharangdhara Samhita – It deals with variety of subjects including concepts of health, food, medicines and diagnosis.


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